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I can create a customized marketing or launch action plan or answer quick questions when you need a marketing pro!

Your business isn’t quite ready for its own marketing department but you still need some help. Whether you are planning the launch of your business or just have some marketing questions, I can assist you with exactly what you need. I can be your in-house marketing department until you’re ready to hire.

Consulting services are here for you and billed on an hourly basis. So let’s chat! Consulting can include these topics and more:

  • Strategy planning and goal setting
  • Full-service marketing campaign creation
  • Defining your ideal audience/niche
  • Brand Development – colors, imaging, messaging
  • Email marketing campaign creation
  • Vision and mission statement creation
  • Discussion on the perfect offer for your target audience
  • Which platforms to advertise on
  • Reviewing current campaigns and offering suggestions for improvement
  • Social Media strategy

Marketing Strategy Planning

Do you know you need a marketing plan but have no clue where to start? Are you launching a business or new service?

A marketing strategy planning session is a great place to start. In our planning session chat about

  1. Your business goals
  2. Defining your target audience
  3. What your skills-set looks like
  4. What your budget is for advertising/marketing  

Then create a custom marketing action plan that you can either implement yourself or work with our team to implement on your behalf.

We’ll have regular check-ins as needed to update and tweak the plan based on what’s working and what’s not.

Brand Development

You got a logo but do you have a brand? They are not the same thing. Your brand is every interaction your customers have with your business, directly or indirectly. 

We can work with you to create the perfect brand image and “personality” that best fits your ideal customer.

We’ll work on:

  • Target audience development
  • Mission and Vision Statement creation
  • Logos, Colors, Images and the overall feel of your brand
  • Voice development and messaging/slogans

Marketing Consulting

Sometimes you just have a few questions and you just need a pro to help you answer those questions. 

Just like having an in-house marketing director, we’re available for consulting calls and emails for our existing clients. 

  • Need a good subject line for the newsletter?
  • Trying to figure out if you should be on Twitter or Instagram?
  • Want a strategy on how to respond to google reviews?
  • Just need a second pair of eyes on that blog your about to post?
  • Want a brainstorming session around an idea you have?

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