I walked into my last job as a marketing director and the first question I asked was, “who is our target audience?” 

The response: Everyone.

It took me almost a year to convince our leadership team that a target audience simply can not be everyone. It’s an easy mistake to make but a costly one.

You and your business can not be everything to everyone. If you try, you’ll water down your message and you won’t attract the people who were meant to work with you. 

Odds are, you are not the only person providing your type of service to customers. So what makes you different from the next go-getting entrepreneur? You!

Getting really clear on who your business is for and who it’s not for, will not only help you win and attract more clients, it will make your marketing easier and more effective. You’ll spend less time trying to attract people who just aren’t “YOUR” people. And more time serving customers who are thrilled to purchase from you.

Today people are looking for more than a brand…they are looking for a connection. They want to know you get their problems and you have the perfect solution for them, specifically. 

To make things super easy, I’ve put together a free worksheet on how to define your perfect target audience. You can sign up to receive the download here

The worksheet walks you through questions you can ask yourself (and your team, board, or business partners) on who EXACTLY you want to serve in your business.

Download the FREE Defining your target audience worksheet here!