The list of things to do when you have your marketing hat on is long. I mean, you’re just trying to finish the latest social media post and now you’re wondering if you updated the website yet. It’s a lot but there are some mistakes that need your attention STAT! Below are 4 mistakes that I find service-based business are making. The good news is these all have quick and simple fixes!

1. Your Website is Outdated

Most people these days are still looking at your website before they look at anything else. Sometimes its the very first impression customers, clients, and the public get of your small business. Do a scan of your website right now and look at it through new eyes.

Ask yourself these questions. Does this accurately reflect my service-based business? What is my first impression? Can I find the Contact and Services pages easily? Do I have too many words and not enough visuals and video?

2. Not Knowing your Target Audience

I can’t tell you how important it is to know your audience. Because you’re a small business, it’s even more important that the resources (time and money) your spending on marketing is being utilized to their fullest potential. Every ad, hour, and dollar really need to count.

You can do that by making sure your messages are getting to the perfect people who are both interested and engage with your business.

3. Incomplete Social Media bios

Take a few seconds and check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Bios/Profiles right now. These bios should be filled in as much as possible. Make sure they reflect your businesses personality and that they speak to your target audience.

Because these profiles are rank-able by search engines it’s super important that you’re filling these out completely. Special features are also sometimes added automatically when profiles are filled out so don’t miss out.

4. Inconsistent Posting Strategy

I find that it’s not really about how often or not I post, it’s about how consistent I am when posting to social networks. Each industry will have different stats and data that will help you figure out how often you should be posting.

However, if you don’t have a social media schedule. It’s time to create one. Plan out how many times, minimum, you should be posting to each social network. Make sure you’re hitting those minimums each week.

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